This event for myself, started on the same day with calls from LT. Commander Mike McBrady of the U.S.C.G. Hollyhock and my neighbor Roger Cameron, a crewman aboard the sailing vessel Liberty. Mike asked if I wanted to attend the start of the race aboard his vessel and Roger and Lynn sent a message regarding my web site, but no sail boats, what gives? Roger sent over some reading material.

It did not take me long to tell Mike, with the doc’s knowledge, I would love to watch the start of the race aboard his vessel. And, tell Roger and Lynn I would be on a learning curve about sailing. My years on the lakes were all motor powered.

Roger Cameron / Liberty

Race Day, July 17,2004: I boarded Hollyhock early in the morning at her Government Dock in Port Huron, Michigan. Following my arrival, were members of the U.S. Coast Guard 9th Central District Auxiliary, the back bone of the chow being served that day. Division 14 has 1800 active members. Paul Miller, WPHM Radio host, was on board doing reports live to the station. Crew members were getting ready to depart for the Acheson Ventures Terminal Dock a short distance downriver to pick-up several people invited to go along for the day.

We arrived at the Acheson Ventures Terminal and noted many familiar Shipmaster’s faces waiting in line. I had the camera recording my views and I hope you enjoy following along with me on my first sailing experience. I enjoyed the day with everyone aboard.

The start of the race went off on time, but due to a lack of wind there were no colorful spinnakers to photograph. I was able to photograph two of the ships I had worked on. They were up-bound in Lake Huron over the starting line! The day went well and I met a lot of people who were into sailing and asked a lot of questions.

Following the conclusion of the race we headed back to port, dropping off the people at the Acheson Ventures Terminal, and then heading back to the Government dock.

My thanks goes out to the Captain of the Hollyhock and his fine crew for a great day. The Coast Guard Auxiliary 9th District Central members for their support, and Chris Sebastion and the Times Herald in Port Huron for the reports on this learning experience. I have included links to the event as I followed along, and for the Coast Guard Auxiliary.

As I was preparing to leave the vessel, a familiar voice called my name. Pat McCarthy and his wife Joan, my mother and father’s two best friends, were on board with the Coast Guard Auxiliary. Talking to them was the frosting on my cake for the day.

Thank You All, Freighter Frank.

History of the U.S.Coast Guard Auxiliary
United States Coast Guard Auxiliary 9th Central Region Division 14