Frank, The Early Days!!!!
The recipes included in this section have been used throughout the Great Lakes area by many 2nd cooks. Some are my own creations based on recipes passed around from ship to ship and several lighthouse keepers. Many are exactly as written down or scribbled on available paper, sometimes napkins, and passed on to me. I do not in any way claim that these are my original creations. Please enjoy them as many out here have enjoyed them. Enjoy the time in your galley, have fun and do not shy away from being creative. Maybe even you could create your own version and win a contest. Select any of the catagories above to go to a page for the recipes. If you have any questions about any recipe, please email Frank Frisk at:
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Menu Selections from "My Year with the Queen 1997"
The Irreplaceable Cast Iron Pans - Cast Iron Cooking