This section will address some of the photographic situations you may face in your travels and my suggestions on how best to deal with them.
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One of the best ways to re-live the excitement of a sporting event is through pictures. Good sports photos can make us feel like we're experiencing the action all over again. With the right camera equipment, and some helpful photo tips/reminders below, we all can bring home some dramatic, and rewarding, sports photographs.

• Get as close to the action as possible. (Either physically or with the use of a telephoto lens. Recommended lens focal length: at least 200mm and as high as 400mm.)
• Include faces of the participants in the photos to make them more interesting.
• Look for dramatic photos on the sidelines. An observant photographer will find just as much drama off the playing field as there is on it.
• Pick your shooting location wisely. A good angle can make all the difference.
• Choose a camera that allows you to manually select a fast shutter speed so you can stop and capture the fastest action.
• Knowledge of the game will help you to anticipate when and where the best game action will occur.
• Try to predict the action so you can time the shutter button release. If you wait until you see the action through the viewfinder, you'll most likely be too late.