On Saturday, March 13, 2004, the Canadian Coast Guard Sarnia Traffic Center in Sarnia, Ontario, held a tour of it's new facility. The invited guests were the members of the International Shipmasters Lodge #2 of Port Huron, Michigan, and Lodge #7 of Detroit, Michigan. This dual-purpose facility serves as the headquarters for both vessel traffic management on the Great lakes and the newly formed Great Lakes Icebreaking Task Force. Together they are responsible for a route that runs from upper Lake Huron down thru Lake Erie. This combined unit includes personnel from both the Canadian Coast Guard Vessels and the United States Coast Guard Great Lakes Icebreaking Force. During winter months, a department head from the United States Coast Guard Great Lakes Icebreaking division is on daily duty at this remarkable facility. He returns to the Detroit district for summertime and continued duty operations. The photos included offer a glimpse into the main operations. The Canadian service is responsible for ice breaking duty all the way to the artic circle, which is a vast responsibility sometimes limited by unexpected weather changes. There are several links provided for additional information searches.

I would like to give a special thank you to everyone involved for a very interesting and memorable tour of the Canadian Coast Guard Sarnia Traffic Center.


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